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How To Compress JPEG To 20KB?

If your jpeg image size is greater than 20KB and you want to compress it into 20kb or less. So, you are in the best place. Our jpeg compressor tool will help you to compress your jpeg image according to your requirements. Mostly we compress images to save our device storage and easily send it anywhere on social media. Follow these steps to compress jpeg to 20kb within 5 seconds.

  • Just click on choose file and select the image which you want to be compressed into 20kb. Choose multiple files to save your time and compress it once.
  • Click on the trash icon to remove unnecessary files.
  • Set the maximum compression size. By default it is set to 20kb, you can also change it.
  • Now click on the "Compress" button to start compressing.
  • Our jpeg compressor tools try to compress accurately or less than by given max size without losing image quality. If the result is greater than 20KB, this means your image size is very high, and If you compress it forcefully, you may lose image quality.
  • Click on the "Download" button to save on your device. Our jpeg compressor tool works on all devices and browsers.
  • We are not uploading your image to the server. Your images will be limited to your browser only. Your images are also deleted from the browser when you click on the "Delete all" button and when you leave the website.
  • If there is any problem, please inform us to make this tool better.


How do I compress JPEG image without losing quality?

Yes, you can easily compress jpeg images without losing quality by using our ZeeConvert free compressor tool. There are some other reasons, why your image is not maintained quality after compressing. Well, Suppose your jpeg image size is 5MB and you want to compress it into 100KB or 200KB. You may lose image quality.Because its too much difference. Our compressor tries to give an accurate result but if they observed that image quality is decreasing they will stop processing and show the satisfied maximum output.

Is it safe to use online image compressor?

Yeh, It's totaly safe, Mostly websites like does not require to upload your image. Because they use a client side language, Your images will be limited to your browser only. Your images are also deleted from the browser when you click on the "Delete all" button and when you leave the website.

How do i reduce the jpeg image size in kb?

Our JPEG compressor supports the reduced size in kb. You can reduce the image size to 20KB, 30KB, 50KB, 100KB, 200KB, 256KB, 300KB, 500KB, and more as your need.

Why Compress JPG Image?

There are thousands of benefits while compressing JPG or JPEG images. Most web developers or SEO experts need these compressor tools just like ZeeConvert. Because this will help you to compress your image without losing quality. So, the lowest size image opens fastly and improves the website speed, and also saves storage. This is one of the common problems while ranking a website on Google.

JPG compression is not only used for improving the website speed but also we need to compress image size while uploading images on the internet. Some educational websites do not upload your image when its size is greater than 20, 30, 40, 50, or even 100KB. At this time this jpg compressor tool will help you to complete your educational department requirements and compress your image for free without losing their quality within 5 seconds.

In addition, compressing JPG images can save your cost while saving your device storage. If you feel that the image size is very high and they take time while open. Don't worry come on and compress your image without any requirements.

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