Cursed Text Generator

Have you ever wondered how some people create weird and spooky text messages, comments, or posts on social media? How do they make their text look like it’s cursed, distorted, or corrupted? Well, the answer is simple: they use a cursed text generator.

A cursed text generator is a tool that allows you to convert any normal text into a cursed text that looks creepy and unreadable. You can use it to prank your friends, scare your enemies, or just have some fun with your online presence. In this blog post, we will show you how to use, what are the benefits and drawbacks of using it, and some examples of cursed text that you can copy and paste.

What is a cursed text generator?

A cursed text generator is a web-based tool that takes your input text and transforms it into a different text that looks like it’s cursed by some dark magic or glitchy technology. It does this by using various Unicode characters, symbols, and fonts that are not commonly used in everyday writing. These characters and fonts can create different effects, such as Zaglo text.

This is a type of cursed text that adds random diacritical marks, such as accents, tildes, and slashes, to the original text. The result is a text that looks like it’s dripping, melting, or falling apart. For example, the word β€œhello” becomes HΜ΅ΝƒΝ Μ‹ΜˆΜ­Μͺ̞eΜΆΝ‹Μ’Μ¬Μ₯l̸̫̀͗͂͝lΜ·Ν†ΝƒΝ–Μ©Μ§ΜŸo̡̯̐̄̃͝

How to use a cursed text generator?

Using a cursed text generator is very easy and fun. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Type ZeeConvert on your favorite browser and navigate this page.
  • Type or paste your normal text into the input box. You can write anything you want, such as your name, a message, a quote, or a joke.
  • Choose the type of cursed text you want to generate. You can select from different options, such as Zalgo text, glitch text, reverse text, upside down text, and more. Each option will create a different effect on your text.
  • Click on the generate button and wait for a few seconds. The cursed text generator will convert your normal text into a cursed text and display it in the output box.
  • Copy and paste the text wherever you want to use it. You can use it on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. You can also use it on messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal. You can even use it on your own website or blog, if you have one.

You can repeat the process as many times as you want with different texts and effects. You can also experiment with different combinations of cursed text types to create more unique and interesting results. Have fun with your cursed text!


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